Treatment – FMP




Alternative/ indie

Log line: 

Ever feel so alone till someone sparks the light of your life?


A girl has a lantern tat isn’t lit, she goes to a party in the woods where she feels so left out she runs away, a boy follows her, he then lights her lantern.


The opening scene you see a girl on her own alone, with a lantern that isn’t lit. Her friends convince her to come along to a party in the woods. She sees everyone else happy with there lit lanterns and she runs away due to them laughing at her. A boy follows her because he does have a lantern. The film ends with a shot of them both holding a lit lantern.



About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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