Pitch to Rebecca Day – FMP

On April 26th we have been asked to pitch and present our film idea to Rebecca Day (A BBC producer)

My first pitch draft is as follows:

My film is about a girl discovering herself. We travel with her and a hooded figure who is her dark side. I plan to film in various locations showing her journey. The film is going to show her low and high sides in life. I want this to be filmed to a song called I’ll be good. The song has a mellow beat to it and I feel like the lyrics reflect the message I want to portray.

The feedback I got from my tutor:

  • I like the idea of transformation
  • This seems a little obvious and it needs a little more depth to it.
  • This is a simple idea but it doesn’t shape the same depth
  • I cant see where any dialogue is going to come from?
  • Is there any dialogue, is this just going to be a music video?

After receiving this feed back I took it all in to account, and developed my ideas in to something that made more sense. After creating a narrative for the film I finalised my pitch for Rebecca Day.

A girl lives in a world where everyone carries lanterns. The film takes her on a journey where she discovers herself, with this her lantern gets lit. The twist to this is she is being followed by a hooded figure, whom she thinks is a threat, however he is only trying to help her.

The film follows a basic journey film, however it links with horror/ thriller in the way some characters are introduced (hooded figure)

The film is aimed at people discovering themselves or who are about to take on a journey, this could be anything from starting a new job or moving to university. The reasoning behind this is my own experiences with life.

Having things not turn out as I have planned I had felt like I have pushed people away, this is the inspiration for the hooded figure. He is trying to help her, however she doesn’t see it as help, more of a threat. By the end of the film she realises it.

The only threats to the film is the weather, this is the only major problem due to having to carry equipment round in the rain. If my actors let me down I have others on backup, the only reason why is because the could have work. Another threat is the story not coming across clearly in this case I will have a monologue over the top explaining things (only if needed)

The locations I chosen are all in my local town (Grange-Over-Sands) this is for easiness also because there are some stunning locations no one knows of (local knowledge)

The look of the film will be grey and moody at the beginning, throughout the film you will see it boost in colour and contrast, the style is inspired by Denali, a film about an man and his dog (the way the waves contrast the beach) This will show a journey and make the film look visually interesting.

Costumes will consist off what ever my actor is comfortable with, the only things I need to locate ids a black cape and a lantern.

Sound track and shot list?

The feedback I got from this pitch:

Both Dom and Becca said my presentation was planned out well, that I seemed nervous but they knew I wasn’t. Becca felt like I was some details about the real inspiration behind the narrative being hidden, she would have liked to have heard what the passion for the film was really about. Both agreed I covered all the points they had asked for, and didn’t go off topic. My characters worked well, and contrasted each other. Dom said I didn’t need my paper to read off,  this because I already knew what I was talking about but needed the paper as a safety net. The pictures on my presentation helped them both get the gist of what the film will look like. However I didn’t need my synopsis on the presentation. Dom ended the feedback by saying that it is more sophisticated to make a sad film happy ad that he was happy with me to go forward with my idea.





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