Project Proposal – FMP


Section one: Rationale

Throughout my two years at Kendal college, my skills as a film maker have improved greatly. For example, I can confidently pitch my ideas to others and receive critical and relevant feedback. With this I feel that my storytelling has matured, allowing me to connect with the deeper meanings within my stories. I have found that as well as creating stories, I enjoy piecing them together in pre production. Editing allows me to construct my stories and create something more engaging and expressive, with this I get a greater reaction.

My journey will continue from Kendal college, to the university of Hertfordshire, where I have been given an unconditional offer to study film and television. With this opportunity I hope to pursue my ambition for editing and storytelling.

Section two: Concept

My chosen theme from the brief is identity, I interpreted this as my own identity, and wanted to make a film about my mental health told through fiction narrative. A girl lives in a world where everyone carries lanterns, hers however is not lit. The film follows her on a journey where she discovers herself, with this her lantern gets lit. The twist to the film is she is being followed by a hooded figure, whom she thinks is a threat, however he is only trying to help her, and turns out to be the one who lights her lantern.

My aim with this film is to show that nothing is as it seems. The symbolism reflects my own personal experiences. the girl represents me, the hooded figure represents my struggles with mental health, and the lanterns shows my inspiration to succeed. The film will start off with cool tones, as the film progresses the colours reflect the main characters emotions and gets warmer.

The camera I have chosen to film within the Canon 5D, this is because I like the way the colours are so contrasting. Also because it is a lightweight camera, this means moving locations will be easier.

The locations I have chosen to film in are all in my local town of Grange-Over-Sands. I have chosen to film here because of the significance to my own life and what each location means to me.

Section three: Evaluation

The way I intend to evaluate my work is to speaks once a week with my tutor and get feedback on what work needs improving and what is going well. As well as this I will keep a record of what I have done in the form of a list. This is how i efficiently mark what I have done, and what needs doing. With this I will identify my strengths and weaknesses in relations to the brief, making sure I am sticking to my initial ideas. All blog posts I create for this project will be in the category ‘Year Two – FMP’ for easy access.

Section four: Schedule

Wk 23 March

13th – 17th

Interpreting the brief in to my own head, allowing myself to write down all film ideas and eliminate ones that are not good.
Wk 24 March

20th – 24th

Choose a final film idea and start researching specifics about it. Developing it to create a straightforward forward story line.
Wk 25 March

27th – 31st

After picking the film idea continue developing it and start thing of shot ideas, locations and actors.
Wk 26 April

3rd – 7th

Primary research on mental health, how people cope with it. Giving my film idea to people and receiving feedback. Getting actors willing to participate.
Easter Secondary research about chosen films:

  • Donnie Darko
  • Spirited Away
  • The Golden Compass
  • Various horror films
Wk 27 April

24th – 28th

Creating a powerpoint and pitch to show Rebecca day, using the feedback from this pitch develop the final stages of the film including what need changing or more development.


Wk 28 May

1st – 5th

Using last years project proposal as a template, also using other peoples as a guideline to start writing, include blog work relevant to the PP.

Test shoot on location with actors, review what went well and what didn’t.

PROJECT PROPOSAL (3rd)                    


Wk 29 May

8th – 12th

Storyboarding and shot lists. Creating mood boards and finalising what will be filmed on what day.
Wk 30 May

15th – 19th

Last preparation for filming, e.g. making sure actors are clear with where we are meeting and what is bing filmed on what day. Also checking whether forecasts!
Wk 31 May

22nd – 26th

Filming on location with  actors.

Equipment needed:

  • Canon 5D
  • Tripod
  • Slider
  • Steady Cam
  • SD cards
  • Spare batteries
HT Back up filming slot on the Tuesday if all filming hasn’t been completed. If filming is finished, editing and recording what went well and what didn’t on my blog. End of the week will be editing the film in to a rough cut.
Wk 32 June

5th – 9th

Final stages of editing, going trough then film with class mates and tutors and getting feedback on the good and bad bits, making sure the story is portrayed in the way I want it too.


Wk 33 June

12th – 16th

Writing the evaluation, looking back on all blog posts and ensuring everything is there. Using the brief to make sure all the boxes are ticked.


Wk 34 June

19th – 23rd




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My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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