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Ideas Development & Research

29/03/17 Research on my final idea The idea I have chosen is the film about the girl and lanterns. Firstly I will look at hooded figures in other films. The first character that reached out to me was No-Face (カオナシ kaonashi) he … Continue reading

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Ideas Generation

“The capacity to bring old elements into new combinations depends largely on the ability to see relationships.”  Ideas generation on themes in class: Are humans able to come up with ideas or is that something we can/need to learn? No … Continue reading

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My personal statement is as follows: I enjoy the emotional impact film has on people and plan to recreate this in documentaries. I want to convey emotion with the work I create. I first found film as a way of coping … Continue reading

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Social media

I have chosen vimeo as my video platform because unlike youtube it doesn’t use adverts and has a more professional feel. This allows me to send my profile to potential sponsors and employers knowing they won’t get distracted by other … Continue reading

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