Characteristics and Context


Different aspects that you can obviously see about a specialism. E.g A directors characteristics will be: team work, creativeness, confidence.


The bigger aspects about characteristics, seeing the bigger picture. E.g Who was the first editor? Where does editing sit in the industry now?

What is relevant to my specialism?


Characteristics of directing documentaries are; Being able to lead a team in order to get your vision on to film. Having a creative mind and seeing things in a new perspective. Being able to be organised in order to lead a crew. Good observation, to ensure that things are going the way as planned. The determination to create a succesful film. Good communication with crew and peers. The ability to adjust your vision when things don’t work out. 


Some of the first directors and some context to go with it. This shows how people first started to create films and shows what they specialised in.

Alice Guy Blanche:

Blanche was a director in 1896, she is most famous for La Fee Aux Choux. She was a very influential director because she didn’t agree with films being made only for money.She started out as photographer and secretary for Leon Gaumont. She developed a love for film whilst working with Gaumont. She was the first female directing, including being the first person to use colour tinting, sound recording, interracial casting and special effects. She is an inspiration to female directors everywhere. This is because she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she felt was right and wrong. She was a very controversial woman.

George Melies:

Melies was one of the first documented directors. He was most famous for Le Manoir Du Diable. He started out as an illusionist and began shooting his first films in May 1896. Between 1896 and 1897 he had produced 130 films. Most of these were focused on Science Fiction. Melies was the innovator of special effects, time-lapse, multiple exposures, dissolves and hand painting colour. His most famous film to date is Joan Of Arc.

Directing has now got to the point where it is the highest paid job in the industry, with directors taking 9% of box office profit. Spielberg takes 20% of the films gross profit, which is more than most of his crew would get all together. The first film reel recorded was the 14th of October 1880 by William Friese Grenne


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