Importance of Imagination.

Being imaginative is a key part of film, is it essential to the key process of creating. Im thinking about possible ideas for this years FMP. At first I couldn’t think of any but when we were told the themes it allowed me to think about what i could do to play around with these.

  • Attachment
  • Identity
  • Flow
  • Horizon

The first idea i had was to create a film about how my identity doesn’t define who i really am. With this i wish to make a film involving two sides to a story, the first half being a strong message on how pieces of paper don’t define me. The second half would be things that define me. Things I enjoy.

My second idea is to do a sound scope film about my dads morning routine. This would fit the theme this would attachment. The whole film would be specific sounds of things he does for example the noise of the toaster, or the stair gate clicking. I think this would create an imaginative feel allowing people to try to decipher what is really going on.



About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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