My career as a short documentary director

This project is to write an essay about my specialism. I am going to feature tasks 2,3 and 4 defining what  my current situation is, how I am going to define myself and then conclude with my next steps in my career. I am going to talk about how I will achieve and succeed in my chosen specialism in short documentary directing.  My career in short film directing will begin with attending Liverpool SAE Institute in September, with this I hope to continue developing the skills to become a freelance documentary maker. I intend to use the industry as a platform to widen my skills so I can achieve my goals of using Vimeo/YouTube to present and eventually fund my films. Along with attending university I want to make additional films so I can extend my practical skills and contacts with other filmmakers. This rounded combination of academic and real world experience will help my career as a freelance travel filmmaker. The specific things I will talk about are things that will influence my career such as: organisations and how they regulate in the industry; technological advances; and  further education.

======SECTION 2=======

I want to work as a director within Red Bull, specifically filming extreme sports and music videos.  In 1987 Red Bull created a new “energy beverage” category within the marketplace, since then they have released limited edition drinks along with new flavours. Something unique about Red Bull is strategic in the way they develop a wide range of extreme sporting events, including Formula One Racing. Along with the extreme sports Red Bull is also in the top ten of Facebook likes in the world meaning they are very popular and that their marketing skills have achieved the goal of broadcasting to the world.

Styles that are currently used in directing films of this style are using slow motion, with new and better cameras coming out it is getting easier to film things in slow motion. Red Bull created a snowboarding film in 2011 showing off beautiful slow motion in “The Art Of Flight” This showcases how stunning slow motion can be and allows the viewer to fully comprehend the shots going on. However many film makers have problems with kit being too heavy, this is why the YouTube videos, one channel creator that uses this is Mateo Bertoli, he creates stunning visuals as well as this, new iPhone 7 has become a new tool in this style of filming, the most popular film style is it shoots slow motion in 1080p at 120 fps and 720p at 240 fps. These are the same speeds as a Sony FS700. This makes film making on the go so much easier because film makers are not having to carry round big cameras and lots of kit. Drones have become revolutionary in the film industry, film makers who use these have an edge over other film makers because they can get unusual shots in hard to reach places.  As well as drones the kit has become smaller and more lightweight, this is shown in the RedBull film “Walls” the crew is in small busy cityscapes and it shows how fast the production rig can be put up and down. Along with new cameras being developed the quality of film has increased from 1080p to 4, 5, and 6k videos, making them more life-like and making the film look more visually stunning.

One of the biggest technological advances in the industry is the Go Pro, this small compact camera allows you to film on the go. The cameras can be attached to helmets allowing the audience to see the point of view of the cameraman or athlete in a way that bigger cameras simply cannot capture. Red Bull has taken advantage of this and use go pro’s in most videos, the most famous being the Felix Baumgartner’s 24 mile jump from the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free-falling back to earth. During his free fall Felix had five Go Pro’s strapped to his chest and legs that captured the whole experience.

As well as Red Bull other drinks companies and sports sponsors allow the industry to move and evolve within the films that are made. Monster Energy is another drinks company that has a lot to do with extreme sports and are in constant competition with RedBull however RedBull are globally more recognised.

Red Bull began broadcasting their videos on YouTube and other online video sites, recently they have released RedBull TV. This is a “digital video service” that broadcasts live global events and the sports and media that they are involved in. With this direct link to RedBull TV views can easily navigate round to only RedBull Videos, due to the fact that YouTube has many adverts and spam videos not related to what you are watching. RedBull TV shows the best of what they have to offer along with the ability to download the app which allows you to watch on the go.

With Brexit happening in the UK potential travel in Europe may be affected due to leaving the European Union. With the current British passport people can travel throughout Europe without having to apply for short-term visas, however with Brexit happening people may be forced to apply in order to travel. For short-term trips this shouldnt be a problem but if you needed to film for 6 months in the alps it could create problems meaning you can not do your job, letting a big team of people down, also this could result in having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for short-term visas to allow you to do your job.

======SECTION 3======

Red Bull offers a range of jobs in the UK for students, including Wings team member ( which is an ambassador for Red Bull, they promote and feature on film shoots)  and student brand manager. Most of the jobs for RedBull are in Austria where the main site for the brand is based, as well as America. The opportunities in the UK involve meeting new people to widen contacts and the ability to travel with the brand. The hourly pay for being a Wings team member ranges from £8 upwards. This is a good income to have whilst studying at university as well as needing a job, this idea of getting experience with RedBull as well as studying at university means you get twice the experience allowing you to progress more efficiently. As well as jobs in the UK RedBull offers internships in Austria, these internships range from management of still images and live production. These kind of internships present the opportunity to live abroad, thus allowing me to create content. However the internships are unpaid which would mean that I would have to work abroad, which means applying for a visa, also travelling/moving to Europe would be costly and is not in my budget.

The SAE Institute in Liverpool is where I am going to continue my journey of a filmmaking,   the funding I am going to apply for a student loan which will allow me to pay two-thirds of my tuition fees. Another option is to apply for a bursary fund, however these are details I can not confirm untill the end of 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 10.53.01.png

This is the student loan section of the SAE Institute website.

In Liverpool there are many opportunities to be involved in films, one way that I can access this is StarNow this website allows you to see what film jobs are in the area and easily see what is need to fulfill the criteria of the job. This could be a useful tool to get my name out in to the industry. As well as doing film jobs I will apply a multiple of night shifts around the city to find the best job for me and which is flexible enough to study as well as earn money. Having a job whilst I work will allow me to afford student accommodation.

The reason I have chosen to live and study in Liverpool is because of the opportunities it offers. Liverpool has been home to a number of blockbuster films such as Fast and furious 6, Harry Potter and Captain America. As well as films, Hollyoaks and Peaky Blinders have also been set in the city. Despite having opportunities it is closer to home allowing me to easily travel home last-minute without paying extreme train prices. This means I am  able to access home easily it also allows me to travel to other cities in the area such as Manchester and Birmingham.

I intend to one day work free-lance, however the drawbacks to starting a freelance career outweigh the benefits . This is because to work free-lance I would have to have the kit and money to be able to make good quality films. My part-time job at the moment doesn’t fund this which is why working for a company is my best option after university this is because I will have access to free equipment and that will gain more skills that later I can use myself. Also working for an employer will let me widen my contacts, and potential crew members.

======SECTION 4======

The critical information I have discovered writing this essay is that I need to keep as many options open as possible to give me the most opportunity. I have also learnt that my career is not set in stone, this means that I shouldn’t worry if something doesn’t work out. I discovered that I can still work in Red Bull in the UK without having to travel around to other countries. Planning my career has allowed me to define was it is I want with my career. This has made me see what I have to do to get through each stage of this journey. My first step is to go to university in September, then I will relook over my options and either choose a job in Red Bull or choose industry.










Matteo Bertoli visuals


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