The homework was to analyse websites and look for marketing strategies and what makes them good/bad.

Travis Rice:

Travis Rice’s snowboarding website is visually stunning, allowing you to navigate clearly to find what you need.



Opening page

When you first enter this website you see a stunning slide show of Travis Rice’s snowboarding shots. At the top of the page you have categories you can access to take you to the main things on the website. First you see his links to social media so you can immediately access more of his life. The use of colours makes it look pleasing  to the reader. You see a theme of black, white and blue, which goes with the majority snowboarding photos.



When scrolling down the website you come to many different categories that you can also reach from the top of the page. The photography part of the website has subcategories allowing you to easily look at key photos without having to spend time looking. Also the motion of clicking on a photo zooms in which makes you feel like you’re diving in to the photo.



The friends category allows you to access more snowboarders and opens up the community with a live twitter feed of photos and tweets. This makes you feel more involved in the website. I like this feature because you can explore new riders and see new styles.



The partners category is very professional and from a business side of view makes it easy to get in contact with his collaborators. Again this is a live twitter feed.


Sponsors and Social Media

I think the sponsors and social media links are presented really well. They almost blend in to the background but when you hover the mouse over them the highlight in whit and the cursor tells you what they are incase it is just a symbol. The same goes to for the social media links, another great and professional way to present them.



The direct link to his blog allows you to read his story and what he has been doing and projects he is involved in. It offers to read the full story on his website and his blog, which is another way to read more about who he is and what he does.


Michael Lathrop:



Opening page

When you click on this website the first thing you see is a photo and a quote, as the quote reads it makes you think already that he is a good film maker. At the top you can click on contact or read through his projects. On the opposite side there are links to his social media including his linkedin page. This allows you to explore what he does.



The categories are big and bold and show text when you hover over them allowing you to understand more about the photos. He’s showing off the best of his work here.


This years project

In one of the categories it shows a project he has endeavoured in this year, which is to create a film for every month of the year. It has a small explanation on what it is he has done. Having the explanation allows the reader to not get bored by reading masses of text. He shows the latest month at the top of the list, allowing you to scroll through the videos for the rest of the months below.


You may also like

This feature is a good matting strategy to allow people to read more about your work by showing similar projects.  This makes your projects be seen more.


Contact page

The contact page is similar to the opening page showing a photo and a quote, but this time the photo is of him making it seem more direct, also the quote is like he’s talking to you, making the whole thing seem more friendly.



A short bio keeps people interested because the won’t get bored reading pages about you, cutting it to the point shows people your best aspects, this creates a better perspective of him.


Sub category

Another category showcasing his work. This shows that he is more than just a film maker, making him appeal to a wider audience, which means more business.


About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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One Response to Homework

  1. Dom Bush says:

    This is very good Kayla, well done. You have found some really good website examples and taken the time to analyse them. To make it even better you could talk about the web of marketing that surrounds a practitioner, remember the choas we drew on the board?
    Can you put this amount of time in to future blog posts? I hope so.
    Well done kid.

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