SWOT analysis



I think I’m good at cinematography and editing. I also think I’m creative when it comes to thinking of film ideas and shots. Im confident in showing my ideas and getting an audience to create emotional responses to my films. Im interested in SFX makeup and enjoy to create new characters.  Im mainly interested in creating human documentary, and traveling to show people alternatives in the world. Unique people really interest me.

Some unique resources I have is the way I see things, my perspective on things is different,  for example the way people see death is a sad time, where as I see it as peace, and moving on to something new. Also my experiences in life have helped me to see the world differently which reflects in my film making. My drive to succeed is so high, I want to make the people around me proud.

Others see my strengths as, unique ideas, different styles of filming, enthusiastic, team leader, editing.


Things that i could improve are as follows, my written work is my weak point, I struggle to get things from my head to my blog. I also think my planning needs to be improved. Most of the time I go with the flow with things, which is something that works for me, but I know I need to justify my decisions. Another one of my weaknesses is time management, I tend to leave things to the last minute meaning they don’t always get done.

Resources that I don’t have enough experience in is, sound recording and using the microphones, I know the basics but it doesn’t interest me like other things. Another thing is patience when doing pre production, I want to just make a film with out all the written planning, however I know this needs to be done.

Others say my weaknesses are, changing my mind last minute, Skipping out on preproduction, Rushing to get the filming done.


Some opportunities that are available to me are work experience at Kendal Mountain Festival. Using colleges resources for my own projects in order to create a better film. I also have a lot of people around me that are interesting that I can film. For example my uncle is a coppice worker, he would appreciate a film about his work.

Some trends that I could take advantage of are, the way people are using colour saturation in films. People are taking the skill Wez Anderson uses, then recreating stunning pieces. Another trend right now is short web films that are straight to the point. Masking in music videos has also become really popular right now. Despite knowing the trends in the industry, I don’t like to follow them. I’d rather create unique pieces.

Turning my strengths in to opportunities could involve making more short films for people. I think I see things differently to others which gives me an edge when filming, I like to think I see things in a different perspective, which is something people find interesting in films. This could help me because I can create something more unique. Also being able to do SFX makeup allows me to use this in different genres of film which I’m not as interested in making, such as horror films.


Some threats that could harm me are are competition between my peers, however I take this constructively to fuel me to do better in the things I create. Another threat could be the lack of opportunity where I live, this is because there isn’t much industry round here, despite this there are lots of interesting people to film.

My competitors around me are mainly my class mates, especially because we are all faint the same festival project theres a chance some of us will be entering the same festival. This gives me determination to create something completely different to them. More competition would be other film makers in the area.

My biggest weakness is pre production, which could threaten me by being unorganised when it comes to bigger film shoots. Also because this could cause my crew could get confused when filming. Another weakness that could threaten me is my time management, this is a threat because it means I am only aware of what I want to do, again my crew would be unorganised.


About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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