Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is also know as video mapping. It is projection video that uses a space to create art. It can be used to show off work, create illusions and interactive displays. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or theatrical stages.

  • High end

Here is  an example of an interactive video map. The projector shines on the a board that is connected to a device that moves it around. It shows the man interacting with the space to create beautiful transitions.This film would not be possible without the robotics, this is why it is a high end video. This means that it has had a lot of complex planning and choreography to create the effects you experience. The box uses a wide range of video mapping techniques including illusion and interaction. This keeps the audience engaged.


  • Low end

This is a low end video showing that anything 3D can use the projection technique to get some interesting effects. This film only uses the Vans sign, but through different images and styles it shows off the brand for what it is. I like how they have incorporated the traditional styles of the shoes in the designs for example the checkerboard effect is something the audience will relate to because of the way vans has made it their own. It shows off how something so simple can become a stunning art piece. It was created with the 3D vans and a projection set up in front so that the image stays in one place at all times. The measurements of the logo would have been taken allowing the designers to create the live feed for the display.

Video mapping can also be used on faces to show different expressions. This video shows how it is done.


I found this website helpful and i know it will allow me to grasp the basics.

Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s How to Do Projection Mapping


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