FMP – Time lapses.

Here are a few short films i love that use time lapses. A time lapse shows time passing and is a really good way to show travelling.

Around the world in 100 iPhone time lapses.

I really like this video because it shows that you don’t need fancy cameras to make a good time lapse. It shows that you can just use your phone to get amazing footage. My analysis of this film isn’t going to go in to depth of what they mean because that isn’t why the film was made. It was made to show how beautiful the world can be. I will be commenting on what i like about the shots and what colours and tones they have in.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.10.51I like how you see the ship move in this shot. I think that its shows how travelling doesn’t effect the environment around you, also that it everything around you stays the same. I love the contrast of the colours and how this ship is the main thin you focus on.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.11.36I like how the clouds change in this time lapse, it shows how the weather changes. Its a nice bright and happy shot. The colours look so vibrant it makes you feel like you’re watching the world pass by.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.11.49

I think the scale of this shot is amazing, and i like how it shows how busy Sydney is. It shows how fast the world is going, it makes me feel sad to think no-one stands still long enough to just watch.Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.12.19I love this sunset, the phone captures the colours really well and makes it look beautiful. Looking back i wish i had filmed my sunset time lapse on my iPhone because it will reduce the exposure flicker i experienced with my DSLR, this is because in stead of filming in time lapse more, i shot it normally and sped it up which when the light changed it made the screen flicker.Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.12.31I love how the focus of this shot is the train drops, but you can still see time passing in the background. The detail in the drops captures the light beautifully.

A collection of Casey Neistats time lapses

Casey Neistat is a daily blogger that lives in NYC, at the start of every video he shoots a time lapse. This shows how the busy city still looks beautiful. He features one everyday to represent how busy people can be and sometimes you just have to stop and look at the views. Using these shows how fast time can pass without people realising.

Im going to use a time lapse like this in my film. Im going to film my train journey to barrow to show time passing and my journey.


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My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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