Documentary – 1 – FMP


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.45.43 PM.png

This first shot shows the camper van in the middle showing that it is the main subject of the frame. It draws the eye, and the high contrast shadow dominates the frame. The fact that it is moving shows that the person driving is traveling around emotionally as well as literally.  The sea and sand shows a transition between two separate worlds, clearly divided in the middle of the frame.  either the man and the dogs world, or that the sea is a vast place that the man likes to experience. Also that the man is a daring character that likes new things/ the unknown. Another thing about this shot is the contrast of colors of the sea and sand. The seas color is so bold that it makes the sand look really dull, which could show that the man wants something more exciting/colorful in his life.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.46.49 PM

In this shot the camper van is the main focus in the frame. You can see the man running from the sea (representing the adventure) back to his van. However he is not running to the van he is running to the dog in the van. The blue contrasts with the color os the sea meaning he loves them both. However he is only running on the sand which is the dull color in the shot. The dog is the main subject of this shot showing that no matter where the man goes he will always run back to the dog.The dog is mostly hidden by the van door, showing that although he is nearly gone, he’s still at the centre of the man’s life.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.47.19 PMIn this frame the man shares a special moment with the dog. You can see that he is on the dogs level, showing resect to the dog. The dog is happy to show affection which shows that he loves the man. The whole shot is focused on the two, even the background is blurred out showing that the man wants us to focus on just them and nots get distracted by anything in the background. Contrast also does this because of the way the rocks are all the earthy tones representing how the dog is the main focus.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.29.26 PM

Here we see the man stroking his dog as soon as he gets off the wall from climbing. The fact that you don’t see the man touch the ground shows that the dog is his ground and that he is the first thing he goes to after a climb. literally the ground beneath his feet, something solid to come back to

The dog is his priority. Also the way the light is behind him gives a beautiful effect because of the way it shows the scale of the rocks. The light is behind him—he has turned his back on it. Usual advice is not to shoot directly into the sunlight, but this has been broken to show that he turns his back on the light and focuses on his dog

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.30.34 PMYou can see that the dog is weak and old in this shot. The way the camera follows the dog shows respect and that the dog is the main feature of the shot. Also the way the light is shinning behind him. This makes me feel like the like is representing God of a heaven because of the way it shines behind the dog. The man is trying to show that the dog is a holy thing to him and that its nearly his time to go because he can “see the light”. The steadicam and slow motion give the dog dignity and a sense of timelessness

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.30.50 PMI love this shot because it shows how much love for the dog the man has. It also shows how weak the dog is because he looks in pain. But the dog also looks content representing that he knows he’s had a good loving life. The way the background is simple colors and nothing distracting going on shows that the man again wants this moment to be the main focus of the shot.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.31.09 PMIn this shot he dog is running to his owner as soon as he gets out of the water showing how strong the bond between them is. It also shows that the dog cares about the man and is going to see if he is safe after he has been in the ocean, a big open place. Again this shows the strength of love between the two. Throughout the film, the movement of water is contrasted with the stillness of rocks and sand. This balance is also seen in their contrasting colours of blue and earthy tones. The sea represents the man. The land represents Dog. This shot has a tiny slice of yellow, as the dog’s time on earth is gradually taken away

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.31.24 PMThis is the last shot of the film and it sows the man going surfing without the dog in the shot. The use of the large rock shows the sheer scale of the new adventure he is going on now that the dog has died. I love the contrast of the white font on the rock, also how the shot continues to show the man walking in to the sea. I think the words “In memory of Denali” are really powerful because it makes us think that the dog is a human, because of the way the man uses the voice from the dogs point of view. Using the same colour scheme, this shot is all blue, showing that the dogs time has ended.



This film is powerful because of the way the man focuses all his shots on making the dog seem more human like. Also how he uses photos to represent the past and all the adventures him and his dog have had. The way the photos move to the main focus shows that the man is making a pattern of how much the dog is in his life and where they have been together. At the end of the film the man returns to the sea because that is where he is most comfortable and it is like he is reliving memories without his companion there.

The filmmaker uses colour to represent the balance of life and death. The blue color of the sea represents the man and the earthy tones represent the dog showing how much the influence each other in every shot. At the beginning of the film we see that the sea and sand are half and half but throughout the film the sand gets less and less, by the end of the film no shots have sand in them showing the passing away of the dog. This is a beautiful way to show time passing. It also makes me think of the ying and yang symbol. The balance at the beginning changes and shows how the man has to adapt now the dog has gone.

I have learned that you can represent life and death with many different things, for example contrasting colors or things disappearing throughout the film. Also that the tone of the voice makes all the difference. The way that the voice sounds like its in your ear makes it sound rich and full of emotion. I think that this film will have a big impact on my film in the way of representing change and how warm and emotional my voice will sound. Im going to do this by for example by showing the way my dad had strength when he built our bike up and how he was strong enough to ride it, but now the bike is in pieces because  of an engine fault. Kind of like how my dads cancer is a problem that is tearing him apart.



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  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is, by some distance, your best research post. You’ve shown multiple fantastic insights into Denali, including a couple that I’d missed despite repeated viewings—very well done for this. Your analysis connects practical issues of composition and colour to emotional responses, showing how technical decisions can be used to create and enhance meaning. Well done, Kayla. I need to see several more posts at this level to make sure your research and analysis is this consistent, but I’m genuinely thrilled at this.


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