FMP – Storyboards and shot lists


Here is my first draft of my storyboard. I tired to make all the shots and photos match what i am saying in my monologue.


A few of the shots for example the book pages turning and the log pile will probably not make the final film because i don’t think they are relevant enough to my monologue which is what i want the main focus to be. This is because there is no mention of them in my monologue. The reason i was going to include them would be to fill in space in my film, because i don’t want to overload it with photos.

Here is a final story board:


I am happy with all the shots that i am planning on doing. I know that i will probably included a lot more photos to fill in spaces between the lines.

Choices for shots:

  1.  The smashing of the clock is going to show how things are broken and that time isn’t moving forward. I might make this in slow motion to show that time is something i don’t know the concept of.
  2. The time lapse on the train shows time moving, but everything around me is moving to fast.
  3. The baby photos are to show how close me and my dad have always been.
  4. Walking away from the camera is showing how i still walk without my dad by my side.
  5. The footage of the bike is showing something that makes me and my dad really happy.
  6. The photos on the bike show that we were happy with what we had achieved.
  7. More photos of me and my dad will show how close we are.
  8. The footage in the camper van shows that everything is ready to go, but we cant go away just yet.
  9. Photos of the family will show how happy we were
  10. Sitting alone up Hampsfell shows that i still like to go to places we used to go.
  11. The sunset time lapse will show that i will watch the sun go down like we used too.
  12. More family photos, showing how everything was great.
  13. Me talking directly to the camera breaks the fourth wall and shows more empathy, that i’m directly talking to my dad.

Shot list:

  1. Broken clock ticking – Above shot, maybe slow motion
  2. On the train – Time lapse
  3. Baby photos – Zoom out
  4. Walking up Hampsfell – Away from camera, wide shot.
  5. Motorbike in the garage – Pan shot and some close ups
  6. Prom photos on the motorbike – Zoom out
  7. Photos of me and dad – Zoom out
  8. Camper van – Pan shots
  9.  Family photos – Zoom out
  10. Sitting on Hampsfell – Wide, static shot
  11. Sunset – Time lapse
  12. More photos – Zoom out
  13. Talking to the camera – Static shot, Medium.



About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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One Response to FMP – Storyboards and shot lists

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    I like this, Kayla—it shows genuine thought behind all of your decisions, and a strong sense of how you want the film to look. You could apply more critical thought to your ideas, though, and connect them better to other examples of similar films. That would start showing an understanding that your work is informed by the work of others, and that you have a good comprehension and use of particular styles and conventions.


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