FMP – Project proprosal

  • Section 1, Rationale:

I’ve found that I’m good at specific things, for example concept ideas (storylines) and cinematography. However I’ve found that my shot variety (specifically in my latest film) needs work. Also, I need to keep to schedules because I often struggle to meet deadlines. My film making has improved since I started college, especially my editing skills. When I first started I had never created a storyboard or shot list which I  know is a crucial part of keeping to deadlines, and planning successful projects. In this project I need to focus on shot variety; how much detail and depth I go in to on my blog, while keeping my story lines as simple as possible.


  • Section 2, project concept:

The concept of my project is creating a film showing change in my life after my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’m going to use photos and footage to show the adjustment we had to deal with, for example revisiting place he us to take me when I was younger.

The camera I’m going to use is either the Canon 550D from college or my Nikon D3200, this is because I have a vintage fish-eye lens I want to use for some of my shots.

I’m going to research different kinds of monologues and documentaries. This is because I want to make a voice over in my film that sounds like a letter to my dad.

Some themes that will feature in my film are: Sadness, happiness, loss, memories and positive thinking. The film will be a message to my dad showing our memories over the years. My final film will be put up on YouTube and Vimeo, this will be a 2 minute piece.


  • Section 3, Evaluation:I’m going to evaluate my work as I go, so I can see progress I’ve made and how ideas develop. I’m going to regularly evaluate my work to know if I’m keeping to plans and schedules. I will include notes, research and photos of my work to ensure that I don’t miss any details.


  • Section 4, project action plan and timetable:

I’m going to create a timetable/ schedule so that I can stay organized and keep to the deadline.

11/04/16 (week 1) – Project proposal and creating a storyline.

18/04/16 (week 2) – Research (chase sequences, horrors, films featuring devils, films in woodlands and music) and storyboarding.

25/04/16 (week 3) – Writing a shot list. Location scouting (photographing where I want specific shots and uploading them to blog). Creating a risk assessment. Evaluate progress.

02/05/16 (week 4) – Collecting all props and costumes for the test shoot. Going over shot list, talking to tutors to hear their views on how i am getting on. Also what they recommend in terms of shot variety and story line choices. Also getting equipment ready for test shoot.

09/05/16 (week 5) – Test shoot and editing. Uploading all my rushes to my blog and commenting on what went well and what didn’t.

16/05/16 (week 6) – Going through test shoots, evaluating and going over ideas to see if I can make improvements. Putting up a final test shoot on blog and evaluating where I stand in terms of filming the final shoot

23/05/16 (week 7) – Finalising shot list, costumes and actors. Making sure everything is ready for film shoot.

30/05/16 (week 8) – Film shoot and beginning of editing.

06/06/16 (week 9) – Final editing and evaluation.

14 June 2016 – Final screening!


  • Section 5, proposed research sources and bibliography:

I’m going to use a variety of research methods, such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Books, Google, Questionnaires, Word of mouth,


About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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One Response to FMP – Project proprosal

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is looking good, Kayla, but it’s not there yet. The project concept is strong, and your ambitions in the piece connect really nicely with the rationale that begins your project proposal. That said, your sections for evaluation and research are much too short. In Research, don’t simply tell me ‘Vimeo’, ‘Youtube’, ‘Books’—this is where you need to say “…a range of personal documentaries available online, such as Denali…”. As with everything else on the course, the key here is focus and depth! Your Evaluation section is too brief, also. How could you expand on this? What would video diaries add, for example? This is a powerful, emotional idea, and it’s going to challenge you. How will you monitor this process to keep your core ideas in the frame? Finally, you haven’t addressed a specific theme. I know this is ‘Home’, but I’d like to see you explore it in more detail. Good stuff!


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