Foley project

This week we’ve been given the task strip an animation of its sound and create our own and put the clip back together. I’ve decided to do an old Mickey mouse cartoon as my foley project because I love old cartoons and Mickey mouse has always been my favorite.

The clip I have chosen to do is where Mickey goes in to a haunted house and is scared by a lot of things Eg bats, spiders and ghosts. The clip i will use is from 1:03 – 2:06

Research ideas I have are:

I love Coraline and this clip is perfect for the use of sound effects. The exaggerated sound effects of the hand cutting through the fabric give it more of a creepy feel. Something that sharp wouldn’t make that noise when ripping through fabric but they made it more emphasized to show the scary aspect of it. I also like that each time the hand moves they have created a different noise and don’t use the same effect over and over again.  I like the violin in the music because it sends shiver up your spine. Also the use of the violins peaking makes it sound like screams and adds suspense, they change to the way the animation progresses.

The video to the bird and the worm is one of my favorites and the Used have always been a band in my heart. The use of the violins in the start are something i would like to use as music in my clip.

This is the instrumental version which allows me to listen to the instruments and pick which parts i want out of it. Im going to avoid the heavy guitars and drums and focus more on the violins and circus feel it gives. The clip i like the most is from 2:30 – 2:36, this sounds creepy and almost like a door opening. Another clip is 0:00 to 0:26. The only problem is that the music changes so fast to more guitars i feel like i need to find something more fluid.

Panic! at the disco! Another band close to my heart and their use of stringed instruments and high xylophones make a creepy aspect come to life. from 0:00 to 0:37. Although I like this as music choice it doesn’t quite fit my clip. So i will find another one.

New ideas.

After thinking I’ve decided to shorten the clip i have because it is too much to get all of the sounds i need for it.  img_1971

This was the original plan of all my sounds.

I created the sound of the light moving by shaking my bracelet. The foot steps were recorded in the echoey corridors.


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