New brief – Themed film

Final film before christmas, we’ve been given 3 weeks to create our last film of the term. We’ve been given the following themes to chose from to create a 60 second film:

  • Walk
  • Fly
  • Swim
  • Edge
  • Mirror

The one that sticks out for me most is mirror, we have the idea of having someones life mirror something.

I like how they have used a child in this, it makes it seem more innocent. I also likes how it starts and ends with her birthday, it shows how a happy event can become awful. Also how she started in a nice house surrounded by family and friends, and she ends up in an army camp with only her mother. I like how the cake changes to show the loss of luxury items, it shows the contrast of rich and poor. The subtle details, like the news reports in the background or her parents packing boxes, makes you fell like you are in the scenes, your emotions are all over he place. The way the clips are edited together is something we are going for, short impactive shots. It shows her being a happy child doing “normal” child things to being surrounded by war and hatred. I think the film makers chose to use a child because the impact is so much more than if they used an adult, this is because a child is innocent and vulnerable. They can’t stand up for themselves. I think the film makers achieved exactly what they wanted to because it is a very hard hitting film. This is because you see her go on a journey from happiness to sadness. It captures a look we’re going for in our film.

This film has the same idea as the last, I like how they have used a mixed culture and age. The repetition of the words ” I was born to” The words have a big impact on the film. Again with the beginning of this you see short clips. However it then changes in to a lot of facts and clips of children suffering, which is emotional. It goes from happy to sad which maybe something we are trying to capture in our film. The film was created to show everyone is individual. I think they use all kinds of people to show individuality in a community. I like how it shows the emotions on each persons faces.

We’ve come up with the idea of having someones life mirrored from sad to happy. We now have to come up with ideas to mirror happiness and sadness. We will do this by showing a happy day Vs a good day. The things that went wrong and on the other had the things that went good. E.g Harry falling up the stairs and someone walking over him, Vs him falling and someone helping him up. I’m not sure if i want to make the clips go sad, happy, sad, happy or for the whole sad side to play out then the happy side.

  1. Shot ideas


  • Waking up happy.
  • Texts.
  • Playing with pets.
  • Cute relationship.
  • Watching a happy film.
  • Chilling with friends.
  • Doing work at college.
  • Playing/activities.
  • Singing.
  • Happy music.
  • Opening curtains.
  • Getting god results back
  • Eating heathy.
  • Smiling.


  • Waking up alone.
  • No texts on phone.
  • Drinking alone.
  • Watching a sad film.
  • Arguing with someone.
  • Eating alone.
  • Looking bored at college.
  • Getting bad results back.
  • Walking past activities.
  • Sad shower.
  • Sad music.
  • Ignoring pets.
  • Shutting curtains.
  • Crying.


  • Meeting someone new.
  • Getting a job.
  • Hearing someone say “I’m here for you.”

These ideas are just a start to shots we would like to film. We have the idea we want 1 second of each clip. We want the film to go from sad to happy and to achieve this we are going to change the white balance to make the shots look dark and moody to give them that it looks sad.

We’re going to film at Harrys house so it looks more natural. We are going for a normal everyday life feel. The music we put to the film will go from sad to happy to help with the transition. This will make the viewer subconsciously change moods. We have chosen to do sad to happy and not the other way round  because we want to leave the viewer in a happy mood, but still have some kind of plot happen, the film we don on a wave form, down to up.

2. Crew roles:

Harry has volunteered to act, this means we can use his house because its the closest to college. We’re also going to use the college and surrounding areas for extra shots. We want to keep the film simplistic and not over complicate it.

Wilson, Chantelle, Izzy and I will be operating the cameras and sound equipment, it will be who ever wants to do what on the day, but I’d like to   have a go at everything. This will allow us to develop our skills in all of the options in filming.

3. Locations

  • Harrys house
  • Round college
  • Outside near college

4. Music

I don’t want to go cliche with the music and be all sad then make it happy with a different song. I want the song to progress over the film.


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My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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One Response to New brief – Themed film

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is fine, as far as it goes, which is not far enough! A good start, but much more research please, Kayla. Consider not only WHAT the films are about, but HOW this has been achieved, and WHY the filmmakers chose to do it in a particular way.


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