In loving memory evaluation

I found this project was my favorite so far. I liked the brief we had been given, and the task seemed pretty simple. It wasn’t. I was in a group with Tucker, Harry and Izzy. We found that because the whole group wasn’t here for planning it was really down to me and Tucker to come up with an idea. The original idea we had was to film on the bridge, however after much discussion, attempting to film and me nearly getting hit by a car we decided to scrap the idea. Then the day came to film and we didn’t have a clear idea, to make it even worse, Harry and I had student conference to go to. It was up to Izzy and Tucker to come up with the final idea for when we came back so we had as much time as possible to film.

The idea they came up with was beautiful.

They had planned the shots out and were ready for Harry and I to come back tweak it a little then get out and shoot.

We knew it was going to be harder than normal to film because of the weather, we didn’t want to film inside because it would ruin the effect and we would have had to change the idea again… So we grabbed our equipment and an umbrella and went filming in the rain. It gave the film and atmospheric effect and I love the way it came out on camera.

We used our time effectively and didn’t waste any time figuring out where to film from, I feel we had planned it out so well that there wasn’t a single problem when shooting other than keeping the equipment dry

We used a picture of the storyboard on Tuckers phone to reference.

We did take multiple angles of the same shot so we had some variety when it came to us editing.

The editing of the film was quick and easy because we had filed our clips in an organized manor so they were easy to get to and find. This cut at least an hour off my editing time. The only major problem I had when editing was finding the right music for the job. I’d tired at least four songs before I had found the one I thought gave the right emotional effect but wasn’t too cliche. One song was too happy and another was a sad song that has been over used. I chose Gracious by Ben Howard because I love the lyrics and the way the song sounds, it does something emotional to me.

We changed the white balance on the camera to add a moody effect to the film, so we didn’t have to play around with filters later. However, we did need to color correct some shots because the shadows from the trees, and where the sun broke through the clouds. The rain sound is a sample effect I found because the real rain sound in the footage was too heavy and muffled to be able to clearly hear the music on top, the same goes for the hate sound effect. I was going to get the sound of footsteps, but after talking to Tucker about it we both decided that it would over complicate things.


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My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to In loving memory evaluation

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    This is great, Kayla, but needs a little more. I’m really pleased that you filed your work so effectively—can you say a little more about that? How did you manage some of the exposure differences in your rushes? And how did you blend your edit with the music? It would be great to demonstrate some of these ideas with screenshots and the embedded video, and to connect your work to the research—BUT overall this is a better evaluation from you, showing a strong understanding of the different processes and working efficiently to produce a strong final product. Well done!


  2. kaylalaisby says:

    I’ve updated some of this, but m screenshots are at college! Ill finish it of on Monday after filming!


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