New brief – opening scene.

We’ve been given the task of creating a 60 second opening sequence of a film. However we are not aloud to have any dialogue, subtitles or voice over. The last 5 seconds have to be the movie title. The key to this, is to use our cameras to tell the story. Simon wants us to use our landscapes to capture the sequence, and tell a story.

Some of the opening scenes we looked at were:

 This is the opening scene from Stoker. I like how tranquil this is. The scene is showing a woman emotionally looking in to a corn field, its dream like. The silence is what makes it more edgy because although we are not aloud dialogue, silence is a vary powerful tool. The close ups of her hair flowing makes you disorientated, makes you feel sea sick.

 This opening scene from No country for old men is very peaceful. I like the use of time lapses, it shows time passing in a short space of time. Again the voice over is the most impacting of the clip, We need to find away to make it hook the viewer with music and sound effects. The shots use shadows to get the viewer engaged and let them know something isn’t quiet right, it adds a dark side to it.

Our initial thoughts were to film the bridge just outside of college, we thought of a someone going to funeral. The bridge would be symbolic because it shows someone moving from one place to another. We want to make every shot we do be symbolic to the film. So we’d have him throwing something symbolic in to the river. The sun shinning showing  warmth and life. Water under the ridge or water flowing, shows letting go or flowing through life.

We then spoke about the idea of the girl being in a coma and she is dreaming of the bridge where she thinks she lost her loved one.

On further talking to the group, we’ve decided the idea of the girl being in a coma was  to complicated to film for the time we’ve been given. She will still be dreaming of her at the bridge.  We still want all of our shots to be symbolic in some way. I like the idea of making it dream like too. We think adding odd and strange things to what should be everyday life is a good idea because it makes the viewer question the normality from the start.

 I like how the different aspects of life is used in this. You can see normal people living there normal lives. No one even notices the man jumping off the bridge. It shows how oblivious people are to things.

 I like how the scene is dream like. It adds mystery to the film. The white light in the distance makes it seem heavenly, it also makes it hard to see whats coming because your eyes cant focus. It adds mystery to the scene.

 This scene from 28 days later shows a vacant London. This is somewhat most of what we are trying to create with out own story. I like how the camera is placed in odd positions to crate an isolated, empty feeling. I like the clip of him stood on the bridge.

The idea of people in the street wearing masks will add fear and confusion to the film. We want the viewer to feel uncomfortable and not fully knowing whats going on. We are going to achieve this by maybe using masks. These are some masks from films I like. They have no facial expression which adds mystery to the film.

guy-fawkes-white Hand-Painting-DIY-font-b-Plain-b-font-White-font-b-Masks-b-font-Women-Thicken No-Face

Another thought for something strange to happen would be random phone calls? This idea isn’t final but its just a thought.

 We found this clip that is similar to what we are trying to achieve with our film. A sense of false knowing. This is done by the man falling backwards after he runs to the end of the bridge. I also like how all the shots connect by the people lying the same way in the beds, it shows no matter the situation we are all connected. Another thing is how the shots are put together with a lot of cross fades, and overlapping features.

We want to do a big pan around the girl as she sees all of the masked people, a realisation shot. I looked a lot at the bullet time shot from the matrix. It shows a big pan around the character which makes it look amazing and more dramatic. The effect it gives is mind blowing. However they used multiple cameras in a big spiral to get this effect and a big green screen, we don’t have the facilities to do this so we will have to be creative in how we try to achieve this. We could maybe achieve this by putting the camera on a skate board and pushing it round in a circle, the only problem with this is making it look good enough to be in the film. Its a very technical skill to try out. We’re going to do some test shots first.


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My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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2 Responses to New brief – opening scene.

  1. kendalcollegefilm says:

    You’ve identified some good material here, Kayla—well done—though I’d like to see more depth in how you explore the specific pieces! You mention ‘false knowing’ in Requiem For A Dream, for example, but you don’t explain what this is, or how it has been achieved…


  2. kendalcollegefilm says:

    If your character is in a hospital bed in ‘real’ life, then also consider what you can do with sound design—monitor beeps, tannoy announcements, gurney squeaks?


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