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Long term goals and Aspirations

Career aspirations: Filming extreme sports and having my own YouTube channel. Long term goals: I’m not one hundred percent sure if i want to go to university. I’d like to travel and film my own journeys. The idea of having … Continue reading

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Film poem

The new brief is to make a film about a poem of our choice. I’m first going to research some poems and films. This will allow us to see what kind of things we should focus on. This spoken word … Continue reading

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In loving memory evaluation

I found this project was my favorite so far. I liked the brief we had been given, and the task seemed pretty simple. It wasn’t. I was in a group with Tucker, Harry and Izzy. We found that because the … Continue reading

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In loving memory

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Testing out titles

I like how the words look like an edge. I chose the color because it stands out against the background. Also how it doesn’t clutter where the rider is. I chose the words “the edge” because a snowboarder lives their … Continue reading

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Graphics and Titles.

Titles – Names, words, phrases and quotes of things. Used to show what content will be in the film, used to tell the story because pictures can’t. We use them when we cannot use pictures to tell a story, often … Continue reading

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New brief – opening scene.

We’ve been given the task of creating a 60 second opening sequence of a film. However we are not aloud to have any dialogue, subtitles or voice over. The last 5 seconds have to be the movie title. The key to … Continue reading

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