Exposure triangle


With ISO, the lower the number, the more light you need for a good exposure. Also, the lower the number, the less “grain” or “noise” the image will have.

Shutter speed refers to how long the shutter in your camera is open, and how long it is letting light into the camera. A DSLR shutter-speed range will start with a fast setting of around 1/4000 of a second to 1/8000, down to a very slow setting of 30 seconds.

The first, depth of field, really is the single most important thing to master in photography; choosing the right depth of field takes photos from snapshots to professional images. Aperture is depth of field is a range of distances around your subject. There’s no abrupt change from sharp to unsharp — depth of field occurs as a gradual transition.

white balance and fps to add.


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