Filming for “out of order”

When we started to film for this, we tweaked a lot of shots we were originally going for, to give the film more dimension. We did this by using more close up and pan shots. We already knew we couldn’t use a lot of wide angles because thats what our tutor had said. We found that we were taking multiple takes of the same shot so we had something to play with when editing. This left us with a lot of bloopers that I have put in to a fun video. Another thing we did was change some of the camera angles to make it flow more when cutting it together.

Despite knowing what we were doing we took a long time to start getting in to the rhythm of filming, moving and setting up. This was because we were a new crew and we all had different ways of shooting. We decided after 10 minutes of trying to decide what was best to shoot first we decided to start from the beginning and reshoot anything we needed at the end.

Too be continued…


About kaylalaisby

My names Kayla and I'm a film student. And this is my blog. This is where I will be posting short films, music, photographs and other inspiring things to help me on my current college course. Enjoy!
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