Shot list.

  • Establishing shot – Pan. Woman enters toilets, sees an out of order sign on all toilets but one. Sees someone washing hands and then they exit the toilet Goes in to toilet and locks the door.
  • Sound effect of toilet flushing 1.
  • Close up of face reaction, surprise/disbelief.
  • Mid shot Looks under the  door. Shoot both low and high angles to see which works best in the edit.
  • Sound effect – squeaky tap on and off 2.
  • Close up of face and hands, really scared.
  • POV shot of the door lock jiggling around.
  • High shot woman stifling on to the window sill. Screaming, adopting the foetal position terrified.
  • Sound effect – Nails on a chalk board. 3.
  • Pan up shot of woman getting on the window sill, trying to escape.
  • Extreme close up of hands trying to get out of the window.
  • Sound effect – someone trying to get in the door ( banging on the door) 4.
  • Close up  of woman crouched in the window , going from being scared to “manning up”
  • Tracking shot as she jumps down.
  • Close up hand slamming lock open.
  • Mid shot of her back, kicking the door open.
  • Wide shot of woman walking out ( door closing sound effect 5.) Camera pointing at the mirror to get the reflection or in the urinals, just to not get a camera in the mirror. Continue rolling camera to see the “out of order” toilet door open up (door squeak sound effect.6.) You see creature creep round the door. Black out.


Woman 1: Kayla

Woman 2: Caitlin

Creature: Kitty

Camera: Jenny.

Sound effect links:


2. tap –

squeak –


4. Live/sound film

5.Live/sound film



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