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Shoot out evaluation

I’m not as happy about this film than the last. I found coming up with an idea harder than when we did the mug films, although we did have longer to plan this. We struggled getting the specific shots written … Continue reading

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Creature costume

I was inspired by Ju-On out of the grudge as or creature as you don’t have to see the face of the person. She wears a white gown and has most of her hair on her face. It also is … Continue reading

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Shot list.

Establishing shot – Pan. Woman enters toilets, sees an out of order sign on all toilets but one. Sees someone washing hands and then they exit the toilet Goes in to toilet and locks the door. Sound effect of toilet … Continue reading

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Notes – Shot lists

Coverage, covering shot, safety shot. Allows you to have a safety net. Person 1 over the shoulder, shows connection between characters, spacial relationship. Person 2 over the shoulder, connects shot 2. P1 close up P2 close up This structure is … Continue reading

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The Bench

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Kayla’s mug

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Notes – a brief history of editing.

Life of an American firemen. Audience creates the story (1903 America) Editing became when you take two separate shots and create something new. Birth of a nation (1915 America) divorce personal politics, dw griffith (America) was first to use close … Continue reading

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